Grounds Maintenance Review Health Check

Eaden Horticulture can provide you with an independent assessment of your company's current performance against your existing business plan and targets.  We will audit the current standards you are achieving and offer solutions for improvement, assisting with their implementation.
We pride ourselves on showing and highlighting good practice as well as areas for improvement. We apply the principals and experience we have gained in the practical delivery and management of services to provide an effective and deliverable service option.

Our team will liaise with you and your clients, visit sites and speak to staff at all levels in order to understand the service, operation and the opportunities for potential efficiency and saving.

We can deliver service and efficiency reviews to identify opportunities exist to establish:

  • whether the delivery of the service can be more efficient
  • whether the delivery is cost efficient
  • options for the management of assets
  • where savings can be made and wastage identified by independent checks

Contract Monitoring and Audit

Our experienced team of grounds maintenance professionals are experienced in the monitoring and management of contracts.  We can assess the current standards you are achieving, offer solutions for improvement and assist with implementation. This includes the production and review of contract specifications, key performance indicators and service level agreements.

Eaden consultancy can carry out independent one off or regular auditing of the service provision. We will provide regular reports to the client on the standards delivered, measured against the service standards. We can incorporate preparation for BSI quality and Environmental Audits.

Bid Support

Our experienced team can provide business development support.  This includes the pricing of tenders and development of supporting documents such as method statements, structure charts and costing sheets.  

Operational support

Our team can offer operational support to your service. Eaden Consultancy can write policies and strategies to assist your business aims.  We can develop grounds maintenance specifications and management plans.  Health and safety requirements can be met by the development of risk assessments, safe systems of work and procedures.

The Management of Hand Arm Vibration (HAVs)

From the early 2000’s the issues of HAVs or the associated symptom of white finger has been a major factor in the management of staff workload, procurement of equipment and the general welfare of employees.

Since the 2005 Control of Vibration at Work regulations were introduced many employers both in the public and private sector of the Grounds and Landscaping industry have not managed to successfully meet the requirements of regulations. 

At Eaden Horticulture we can assist in the management of HAVs at all levels from front line operation practice to an overall strategic management approach, minimising the risk of claim and ensuring most importantly that employees are working in a safe environment.

These measures include:

  • Working with the client to develop a HAVs policy
  • Inspection and measuring the vibration levels of existing equipment
  • Production of health assessment questionnaires
  • Production of a procurement list for equipment
  • Ongoing management of vibration machinery
  • Specific vibration use tagging and machinery management
  • Site specific risk assessments based on HAVs management

We can also provide training to managers, supervisors and employees for the complete management of HAVs.
The need for this service has recently been shown in the national press with the prosecution of one of the Defence sectors largest suppliers being prosecuted and fined £20,000 for failing their duty of care to their employees.

The Management of Noise

In the UK over 2 million people are exposed to noise levels at work that may be harmful. Horticulture can be a noisy industry, with employees operating power tools or noisy machinery and working in noisy environments.

Exposure to excessive noise may result in stress, tinnitus and permanent hearing loss and employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from noise injury under The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

There is a legal obligation to bring in measures if employees are exposed above 80 dB, which include carrying out a noise assessment, providing a choice of hearing protectors and to provide employees with effective training. Health surveillance must be carried out for employees who are regularly exposed to noise above 85 dB and for those who are at increased risk, such as employees who report a known sensitivity to noise damage or have a family history of early deafness.

Eaden consultancy can provide a full review of noise control in the workplace and implement recommendations to ensure compliance with current noise legislation.  These include:

  • Provision of Noise policy
  • Provision of information, instruction and training
  • Measurement of noise exposure and identification of risks from exposure to noise
  • Development of a noise management programme to reduce noise exposure
  • Procurement of quiet machinery and suitable hearing protection
  • Health surveillance advice

Training and Assessment Services

At Eaden Consultancy we recognise that the introduction and retention of staff in the Horticultural industry is of prime importance not only to the continuity of the service provision but also to the motivation and morale of the workforce.

We can enhance the skills within your business through tailor made education and training programmes. We work with employers and partners to ensure we can offer solutions to plug skills gaps and provide effective training and support. Our courses and training are bespoke to the needs of the client and provide practical support to the delegates.

Through our team we are able to offer:

  • Horticultural training
  • Management and Supervisory training
  • NVQ assessment
  • On site practical health and safety training
  • Statutory training

Interim Management

Eaden Horticulture can offer a flexible approach to interim management, with a range of experienced managers available for operational support. 

We can assist with both the operational day to day management of the service and the delivery of longer term projects. We combine an onsite presence with further support from our team of consultants.

Our team will provide professional support and management just when your business requires them. This may be due to sickness, maternity leave or business transformation. This role can take the form of short or long term management cover.